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Ah friends, hello & welcome to the launch of Switch.
Yep sure enough its just another one of those pop culture indie magazines, talking about the latest bands who are big and all of that well no, lets get one thing straight, we here at Switch want to bring the latest and up rising stars from the internet right to you. This magazine is for the up and coming musicians, artists, photographers and models, sports stars, car fans, fashion designers, hair, make up and all of the under the bonnet stuff that makes a magazine interesting. Comps to win tickets to things, links to other magazines and their comps, first hand accounts from gigs and shows, coverage from live music events and screenings, first hand accounts of met and greats and heaps heaps more!
We connect HUGELY with the internet so if you’ve seen some of our pictures before or know someone from one of the articles chances are you follow them on Twitter or are friends on Facebook. We like to be as interactive with our fans, friends and the people who are taking the time to join us and submit things for us to feature! Not everything gets feature and hey! You can hate us for it but if its not what we’re looking for or if its been done before then don’t have a hissy fit and start to bag all over the publication for it, that’s just uncalled for ae?
Each week we will have a definite possible fan submission area:
-The best dressed online award section, where a random fan will find someone online who looks just stunning they can be famous or not doesn’t matter, don’t care, as long as they’re stunning and you can get a little bit of information on them then by all means SUBMIT, SUBMIT, SUBMIT!
We cover the latest and greatest concerts, festivals, underground gatherings, art and music and so much more! So please get in behind us, help out, join up, rate us and sub to us because we really want this thing to take off in the right direction so if you want a spot or a page or two for something your really passion about then SUBMIT RIGHT HERE:

As many subs as you want, no limits, just sub anything that you want to be seen in the mag and it’ll probably see it on the notice board section.
There will be heaps of fresh stuff in this magazine so stay locked into Switch yep, sweet deal.

The Switch Crew.
Word to yah mother.
~ Sunday, October 16 ~


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